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The Treehouse is open!  No vacations planned at the moment.  All books $10+ have front/back scans.  Minimum order is $15 and one copy limit on hot books.  Checkout is via Paypal.  I can also send invoices through Stripe, just email a list of books (to with preferred shipping.


Numerous printer's creases along right edge (print defect), some other general wear, note date stamp..
Minor creasing including several printer's creases along right edge, small impact on bottom edge, ov..
Minor wear around the edges & slightly creamy, oversize issue with Adams cover ..
Some minor wear around the edges, fairly white, Adams cover ..
Flash  203 FN+ Out Of Stock
hardly read but some tanning around the edges, Adams cover ..
Flash  202 FN+ Out Of Stock
Off-white to creamy and some minor general wear but pushing FVF ..
Flash  199 FVF Out Of Stock
Mostly just spine wear, strong 7 ..
Flash  197 FN+ Out Of Stock
1.5 inch crease upper right corner but otherwise pretty nice ..
Nice except for some light creasing along right edge where cover overhangs, also note date stamp in ..
only minor wear around the edges & fairly white, spine is in good shape ..
Scans added, minor stacking indentations but has a nice clean white cover   ..
Would be FN- but center is detached at 1 staple, re-intro of Freedom Fighters ..
scans added, light impact at base of spine ..
scans added, off-white to creamy, some light edge wear ..
Only minor wear around the edges, flat glossy & white ..
some minor wear around the edges, fairly white ..
some minor creasing on back, intro Golden Age Superman ..
subscription fold, 1st modern Red Tornado ..
pisser, would be a nice FN+ but center is detached ..
Has a subscription fold but not much color broken & otherwise not too bad ..
Justice League of America   48 FN Out Of Stock
Overall nice book, has a reading crease & other minor wear, not much tanning ..
Has a subscription fold but color not fully broken & is otherwise not too bad ..
heavy reading wear, cover almost detached ..
scans added, cover has been re-attached at lower staple with an extra staple, otherwise not too bad,..
nice at first glance but has a light sub fold & cover is detached at top staple, first Royal Flu..
Justice League of America   38 FR Out Of Stock
Would be VG+ but coupon is cut out on last page, story not affected ..
scans added, would be VG but center is detached ..
lots of creasing but all there & attached ..
scans added, major defect is staples have been added to re-attach middle couple wraps, reads normall..
By Evanier & Aragones (same team as Groo), right around VF, bagged & boarded ..
Justice League of America   30 VG Out Of Stock
some fairly heavy spine wear & numerous small bends ..
numerous creases but it's all there & attached   ..
lots of creasing, manufactured with 1 staple ..
Justice League of America   17 GVG Out Of Stock
scans added, no major defects but well read with several small tears ..
Heavy reading wear, 3 staples added along spine drop this from "reads normally" to "slightly difficu..
Justice League of America    6 GD Out Of Stock
cover has been re-attached with extra staples, otherwise nothing terrible ..
Flash  187 FN Out Of Stock
reading crease, date stamp, 1/4 inch tear at base of spine ..
Flash  186 VGF Out Of Stock
main defect is creamy in general, also some edge wear, Reverse Flash story ..
Flash  185 VG+ Out Of Stock
scans added, main defect is a faint store stamp on back, also some creasing & general wear ..
Flash  184 VG+ Out Of Stock
scans added, creasing, scribble imprints on front ..
Flash  183 FN+ Out Of Stock
creamy with a spot of foxing on back but not much reading wear ..