About the Treehouse

Hopefully you find the site to be fast & organized, new listings will appear in the "latest" section of the home page.  My Ebay seller ID is ideaman33.


1.  Minimum order is $15.  It allows me to give a bit of a discount on shipping rates.

2.  Check for scans & additional info, especially with books over $10.  Using list view is helpful for seeing which books have comments.

3.  When using the search function, results will show at the bottom of the page.

4.  Registration is not required, it's mainly there to save you typing on future orders, but it also allows you to view your order history & save items to a wishlist. I don't keep mailing lists or send any newsletters.

5.  The site is occasionally slow, it's because I'm on a shared server.

6.  Items stay in your cart until you leave the site, but being in a cart doesn't "lock up" a book, someone else can still buy it.

7.  After you buy a book it still appears on the website. The quantity drops to 0 but the images stay up until I delete them. Buying an out of stock book will cause an error message at checkout.

8.  For anyone who's curious I use InMotion hosting & Opencart software.  Getting those 2 figured out was a big step, the rest has been pretty easy, albeit time consuming.