Fantastic Four (1961)

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This would be in the GD+ to GVG range but there's a coupon cut out of the back cover.  FRGD all..
full length crease on front, otherwise not too bad ..
long crease on front & creamy in general ..
Creasing, dirty, light staining bottom edge of back cover, first Blastaar ..
accumulation of minor wear around the edges ..
Minor water damage on front cover, only visible on close inspection, otherwise probably a FN+ ..
lots of creasing, this is the UK edition ..
center detached at 1 staple, light foxing on back ..
Thumbnail shows regular version but this is the UK version, fairly big store stamp on the front cove..
scans added, has a couple store stamps but otherwise not too bad ..
fairly bad distributor overspray on top edge, otherwise not in bad shape & fairly white ..
sub fold but otherwise not too bad ..
creasing on top & right edges ..
scans added, generally nice, few faint smudges ..
scans added, creasing & dirtiness ..
fairly attractive at first glance but some faint staining at base of spine, little bit on top edge t..
Has insert, also has an extra set of staples which I think happened when printed, as one staple look..
scans added, bundle marks on edges, light foxing on back, has insert ..
corner stain about the size of a quarter ..
cover held on at top staple with a small piece of tape, otherwise VGF ..
splatter marks on back cover ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw ..
scans added, some minor edge wear but almost went VF- ..
front is fairly nice, dirty on back, minor creasing ..
not much reading wear but a bit dirty ..