Strange Tales

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No cover but the insides are all there, thumbnail of cover is provided for identification purposes o..
Couple faint partial folds so likely a subscription copy ..
Would be about GD except an ad page is missing, story not affected.   X-Men cameo. ..
Would be about GD but it's missing an ad page, story not affected. ..
Would be about GVG but it's missing an ad page, story not affected.  First Beetle, first Thor c..
complete & attached, cover is a bit tender at the staples ..
JA Collection.  Has some fairly bad edge tanning but is still in solid readable condition, comp..
JA Collection.  This is more like a qualified 5, the pin-up page is included but is detached &a..
JA Collection, complete & attached ..
Cover is split & detached, some edge staining, it's readable with difficulty though, interior is..
Small chips out along the spine, some edge tanning on the pages, complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Accumulation of minor wear around the edges, also a couple spot stains & so..
JA Collection.  Couple small spot stains bottom right & some edge tanning, overall nice eno..
JA Collection.  First SHIELD, first Hydra, first LMD, complete & attached.  Some tanni..
JA Collection.  Front is nice, has some tanning though & a thin stain along the top edge of..
Back cover is banged up, was probably on the bottom of a bundle, complete & attached. ..
solid shape but foxing on back ..
JA Collection.  Worst flaw is tanning, also a 3 inch bend on back.  Complete & attache..
water damage, rusted staples, still a good reader ..
JA Collection.  Complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Tanning the main flaw, not much reading wear.  Complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  1/2 inch tear upper right, complete & attached.  First Jasper Sitwell...
JA Collection.  Some creasing on this one, complete & attached although it was only mfg wit..
Missing corner chip that's a bit big for VG but it's on back & the rest of the book is fairly ni..
some small chunks out on bottom edge of back cover, otherwise complete & attached ..
Not heavily read but is missing several small chunks on the front cover.  First John Buscema wo..
foxing, 1.5 inch tear on front ..
Not much reading wear but it does have a 4 inch crease in the lower right, also some light tanning o..
fairly nice but with some foxing ..
JA Collection.  Partial subscription fold, some sun exposure & tanning, complete & atta..
Generally flat & glossy book, not much tanning.  Has a 1/2 inch tear on the left edge of th..
JA Collection.  Possible subscription copy as there's a partial fold coming up from the bottom ..
JA Collection.  Faint 4+ inch bend in the bottom right corner but it doesn't break color & ..
Would grade a little higher but the centerfold is detached, book is complete.  Cap & Nick d..
JA Collection.  Fairly high grade copy with some edge tanning, complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Hardly read with only minor edge wear & an easy 7, does have some tanning.&..
just tired & dirty, first Yellow Claw in Marvel ..
JA Collection.  Hardly read, does have some tanning (which my scanner tends to magnify) so some..
JA Collection.  Impressive shape considering it's a tough black cover, does have a 1 inch bend ..
Solid copy with a fair amount of creasing, not much tanning, complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Almost unread, some light wear on the top right edge along with some light sun ..
General handling wear, not much tanning, complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Light impact at the base of the spine, has tanning that's normal for the grade ..
JA Collection.  Stunning and pretty much unread copy, also not as tanned as other issues in the..
Not in bad shape but has some minor pen on 2 interior pages, see pic 3.  Complete & attache..
JA Collection.  Pushing FVF, has a few thin 1 inch edge creases, also a little bit of sun expos..
JA Collection.  Strong 6.5, faint impact upper left corner, minor wear bottom edge, not much ta..
Back cover is almost completely separated from the spine, book is complete though, first Marvel annu..
Only minor wear, issue 1 is a 2nd print, will come bagged. ..