Strange Adventures

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Cover is detached, bad rust at one staple, spine about 1/2 split altogether ..
Staining at the base of the spine, complete & attached ..
pretty solid just some creasing along the right edge ..
solid readable shape but scattered staining, especially in the upper right corner ..
scans added, cover detached at one staple ..
scans added, full length fold, otherwise not bad ..
1 page is torn out, took part of the backup story with it, otherwise GD. ..
Scans added, tape stains, foxing, general wear.  2nd Animal Man. ..
scans added, staining with some brittleness along part of the right edge, 1st Adams Deadman ..
sun exposure, small stain on bottom edge of back cover ..
edge foxing + a few small creases ..
front is very nice but ink transfer on back ..
blue ink on back is distributor overspray ..
overall nice shape, insides of the cover have some tanning ..
All there, spine is mostly split & held together with tape, good reader ..
Hardly read but a little bit of surface wear & ink transfer, spot stain smaller than a pea in th..
scans added, tape has been used to re-attach the cover at the lower staple ..
beauty of a book but a bit creamy and some trace foxing ..
got some sun along the top edge, thin piece broken off on back where the cover overhangs, any other ..
accumulation of small creases + fairly tanned ..
sun exposure contributes to some tanning, also several small creases ..