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Tired & tanned but it's all there, cover detached at top staple ..
significant water damage but all there & readable ..
faint imprints from bag flaps ..
Tired with some creasing, worst flaw is a 1+ inch tear on the top edge of the back cover.  It's..
scans added, lots of tape & creasing, full page ad for Flash 105 ..
full length bend on back but the front isn't bad. ..
corner piece missing on front, some interior writing, tired in general ..
scans added, several small chips out, also a couple 1.5 inch tears ..
main defect is a 1 inch corner piece missing on front cover ..
spine is half split, repaired with tape ..
scans added, writing on interior puzzle, faint full length bend, 1.5 inch tear on front cover  ..
well read copy with some creasing but no major defects, last issue before title changes to Raccoon K..