Amazing Spider Man (1963)

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very tired, cover held on with tape, but a good reader copy ..
heavy reading wear but all there & attached ..
Cover is a bit of a mess, held on with tape & extra staples, spine is more than halfway split.&n..
Very tired copy, 3+ inch tear coming up from the base of the spine, 2 similar tears on the interior,..
Only notable defect is shown in pic 3, a small scuff or tape pull has been colored in with black ink..
Center detached at 1 staple, otherwise FN ..
Amazing Spider Man   79  GD Out Of Stock
JA Collection, not in bad shape but the cover has been re-stapled, book is complete. ..
some creasing & dirtiness but fairly white ..
creasing & dirtiness, especially on back ..
Cover is detached at the lower staple but is otherwise nice enough to bump the grade up a tick ..
Hardly read but looks like the top edge stuck out from a stack & there's some light & spotty..
Not in bad shape but has distributor overspray along spine ..
Not a lot of reading wear but has distributor overspray on the top & bottom edges, should be eas..
several small bends, creamy interior ..
main flaw is an overdose of distributor spray, also has light bundle marks around the edges ..
A couple light corner impacts & edge bends but fairly white in general ..
Partial reading crease, slight curl on right edge, also some black ink (print defect) on back. ..
not a lot of reading wear but creamy in general ..
top edge is a little banged up ..
scans added, little bit banged up around the base of the spine, first Grizzly ..
some edge creasing, crooked chop ..
crease & small (under 1/4 inch) tear in upper right corner ..
minor wear around the edges, first cameo of Gwen Stacy clone. ..
minor surface wear & around the edges, first Mary Jane kiss ..
surface wear, perhaps a warehouse book at one point ..
scans added, some corner wear & edge tanning ..
long thin crease on a back edge but otherwise nice ..
scans added, minor bends on back ..
scans added, minor foxing on back ..
Scans added, back has ink transfer ..
General handling wear.  Has a line through the bar code & the diamond shaped price box.&nbs..
front is minty, back has minor corner & surface wear ..
minimal reading wear but light scuffs across the front cover from the printing press ..
Hardly read, only notable defect is a bit of sun exposure on back along the spine ..
almost no reading wear but slight sun exposure on top edge ..
banged at base of spine, faint indentations on front cover ..
minor edge wear on back, return of Mary Jane ..
return of Mary Jane, scans added ..
scans added, accumulation of small bends ..