Amazing Spider Man (1963)

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Lots of creasing & some staining in the upper right corner but still in fairly solid readable sh..
Wouldn't be too bad if not for the missing chunk on front.  FR allows 1/4 of the front cover to..
JA Collection, complete & attached. ..
pics added, lots of water damage, especially on the bottom half of the book, still a good reader tho..
JA Collection, some general wear but the only notable flaw is the tanning, complete & attached. ..
Some creasing & general wear, 3/4 inch tear right edge, solid readable shape though, complete &a..
JA Collection, complete & attached. ..
Staining, mostly in the bottom left corner, affects the front & back but not much on the inside...
partial subscription fold, couple creases ..
White pages, see label for details, pardon my reflection in the photo.  Case is unopened & ..
Complete & attached, 2nd Kingpin. ..
Has a small piece of tape at the base of the spine, doesn't look like it was needed though, no obvio..
JA Collection.  Not much reading wear but some obvious tanning, complete & attached. ..
JA Collection.  Minor wear on the bottom corners, CGC's at least an 8 maybe 8.5.  Complete..
Very tired copy, 3+ inch tear coming up from the base of the spine, 2 similar tears on the interior,..
One of the gems of the JA Collection, not much tanning, complete & attached. ..
Subscription copy, not much color broken on front, cover also has light to moderate foxing. ..
all there just tired & yellowed ..
Has a couple strips of sun exposure & a stacking indentation along the right edge, some interior..
JA Collection, not in bad shape but the cover has been re-stapled, book is complete. ..
dirtiness on back, some light creasing ..
Front has an accumulation of minor wear around the edges, back cover has a corner bend upper left an..
A little better than a 3 really but it looks like a piece of paper was added on a back corner, I'm g..
Tape and water damage, ugly book but it's complete & readable. ..
Foxing on back, rest of the book is fairly nice though ..
Scans added, pretty nice physical shape but a fair amount of foxing around the edges. ..
Scans added.  Pretty nice shape with a few light bends along the right edge, cover is detached ..
JA Collection.  Some minor creasing along the right edge but a pretty easy 7 on a CGC basis, bo..
JA Collection.  Has some minor creasing, a small tear at the lower staple, also 2 inches higher..
Main flaw is several small bends, worst one is about 1.5 inches in the bottom right corner, also a l..
Strong side of 7, front just has a little spine wear, back has a 1/8 inch tear on the top edge &..
Faint 1 inch bends near the top & bottom of the spine, other minor wear, not much color broken t..
possible 7, front is pretty nice, back has some light wear on the top & left edges. ..
Warehouse book, has a couple light stacking indentations & some distributor spray around the edg..
Minor edge & corner wear but a strong 7. ..
One of the gems of my personal collection, see label for details, case is unopened & in excellen..
light corner wear & minor foxing on back ..
easy 6, couple small bends, spot stain smaller than a dime in the upper left corner of the back cove..
See label for details, case is unopened & in excellent shape, early Luke Cage app. ..
Couple pea sized spot stains on back, probably CGC's a tick higher. ..
Solid book but there are tracing imprints around spider man. ..
Faint impact at the top of the spine, minor wear around the edges. ..
Some faint wear including a few scribble imprints, strong side of FN though. ..
well read but no notable defects ..
stacking indentation along bottom portion of spine ..
Couple small creases, strong 6.5 to 7, 2nd Punisher ..
most of the wear is along the spine ..
some spine wear, thin crease on right edge, pretty flat & glossy copy though. ..
still in solid readable shape but lots of creasing & handling wear ..
pushing FVF, small bend along top portion of spine ..
scans added, solid readable shape but lots of handling wear ..
front is pretty nice, several small bends on back ..
Some minor corner wear including a faint 1.5 inch bend bottom right, probably CGC's a tick higher th..
small smudge on back, first cameo of the Gwen Stacy clone. ..
Likely warehouse book, nice shape but some light surface wear & ink transfer, mostly on back.&nb..
Front is in sweet shape but some pretty bad ink transfer on the back. ..
Pushing VF, front is nice, light wear on back. ..
couple small corner bends & a little bit of ink transfer on back ..
scans added, lots of reading wear but still pretty solid ..
couple faint bends on front & some faint foxing on back ..
Fairly bad foxing on the bottom edge, also some ink transfer on back. ..
Pushing VF-, minor corner & spine wear ..
pushing FVF but it's fairly creamy in general ..
thin bend on top edge of back cover ..
scans added, pea sized spot of w/d on front, easy FN though. ..
scans added, pushing FVF, accumulation of minor wear ..
Nice shape, only flaw of note is a light impact in the bottom right corner. ..
Scans added, some minor wear around the edges & a minor overdose of distributor spray on the top..
scans added, faint creasing in lower left corner of back cover ..
scans added, some corner wear & edge tanning ..
scans added, pea sized spot of w/d, overspray top edge ..
Scans added.  Back cover has a few dents & a few small creases. ..
scans added, some ink transfer, likely warehouse book ..