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small coupon clipped, story not affected, also pretty badly stained ..
Main flaw is a tear at the upper staple & cover is barely attached at that staple, otherwise the..
Fairly nice book but cover is detached at top staple. ..
all there but bad staining along a couple edges ..
lots of creasing, possible subscription copy ..
Small staple added along spine, probably due to the cover being tender at the lower staple.  Di..
scans added, some staining along the spine ..
has sun exposure and foxing, cover is clinging at upper staple ..
story is complete but very tired with lots of folds/creasing & a couple ad pages are torn out ..
scans added, cover detached one staple, some creasing & foxing ..
sun exposure on a few edges, otherwise pretty solid ..
scans added, tear on top edge of back cover ..
scans added, tape, writing & creasing ..
very tired, cover is detached, couple small chunks out, insides all there ..
scuff along spine causes a 1 inch spine split ..
dirty, cover almost loose at lower staple, first Aqua-Girl (Tula) ..
scans added, partial subscription fold, center detached at one staple ..
scans added, pushing GVG, fair amount of creasing & a chip out ..
Would be GVG but center is detached ..
creasing, light foxing on back ..
moderate foxing on back cover, 1st Aparo art for DC ..
would be VGF but cover detached at one staple ..
Aquaman (1962)  42  GVG Out Of Stock
bend across the middle, classic Cardy cover ..
scans added, minor chew upper right corner ..
Off-white with a little ink transfer on back but almost no reading wear ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw ..
Aquaman (1962)  48  FN Out Of Stock
Pushing FN+, minor creasing & a bit tanned, origin retold ..
Scans added, stain on back, minor foxing on front, both stick out on the white cover.  Adams De..
Aquaman (1962)  51  VG+ Out Of Stock
combination of creasing & foxing, Adams backup story ..
Aquaman (1962)  52  VG Out Of Stock
scans added, almost full length crease on back ..