Captain America (1968)

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creasing the main flaw, partial subscription fold ..
Some erased scribble on front, also some creasing, crooked chop ..
Faint impacts both upper corners, some tanning around the top edge ..
spine & edge wear, minor smudging ..
accumulation of minor creases & some wear on the top edge ..
Scans added.  Lots of creasing, mostly on top portion of front cover, still pretty glossy thoug..
JA Collection.  This has a combination of sun exposure & tanning on the edges, also a small..
JA Collection.  Borderline unread copy, flat & glossy, has a little sun exposure that contr..
Worst flaw is a bundle mark on the right edge, otherwise just general handling wear. ..
JA Collection.  Minor impact at the top of the spine, slightly dirty on back, otherwise in very..
strong 6.5 to 7, accumulation of minor wear, chop is a little off. ..
Scans added, nice book with a couple small corner bends, however the cover is only barely attached a..
Scans added, pretty much just general handling wear, not much tanning ..
Small impact bottom edge, stacking indentation right edge, minor foxing. ..
Solid book, faint stain on back a little smaller than a dime. ..
Scans added.  Qualified because there's a tear at the lower staple & the cover is tender th..
center is detached, otherwise still a solid reader ..
minor spine & corner wear, bit creamy in general ..
Has either a smudge stain or a print flaw along part of the right edge, hard to say for sure because..
pics added, just general reading wear & a name stamp on page 1 ..
scans added, faint impact in both the upper left & bottom right corners ..
Little bit of a crooked chop but appears to be hardly read, off-white in general ..
Scans added, light wear around the edges & creamy in general ..
very nice physical shape but creamy in general ..
only minor corner wear, off-white in general ..
sub fold but otherwise not bad ..
A nice 7 although the cover is off-center ..
front is pretty nice, w/d on back ..
No stamp, story not affected, low grade anyway ..