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partial spine split, cover detached, 10 cent edition ..
from 1966 by King/Charlton ..
creasing, staining on back ..
100 pg giant from 1965, nice shape but some foxing on top edge ..
Has one serious defect, the paper along the spine edge is mostly gone, the glue mostly holds the boo..
Comic Cavalcade 34  GD Out Of Stock
missing corner pieces, several small tape pulls on back ..
4 inches of spine split & cover is detached ..
Spine is about half split, tape along spine & inside of cover, insides all there ..
This has comic art on the back instead of an ad, main flaw is creasing ..
printed with a 2nd set of staples on the interior ..
stock image, 15.99 cover.  Looks to be hardly read but does have some light surface wear on the..
spine is halfway split, repaired with tape ..
Funny Stuff  58  VGF Out Of Stock
couple small bends, light scrape on front ..
first print, magazine sized, 9.95 cover.  Carl Barks reprints. ..
tired but no major defects, early Frazetta art on one page ..
missing corner piece, faint cup ring ..
scans added, 80 page giant, attractive book, has a few faint bends & some edge tanning ..