Daredevil (1964 series)

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Daredevil   10  GD+ Out Of Stock
significant creasing, minor staining on back ..
Some creasing but the worst flaw is actually tanning ..
Has tanning but not much reading wear ..
big smudge on back, some edge tanning, not a lot of reading wear ..
Hardly read but tanned on the edges, partly due to sun on one edge ..
Minimal reading wear but some fairly bad edge tanning. ..
Main flaw is some tanning, also some faint lines across the back from the printing press. ..
faint 1 inch bend on back, some light tanning, complete & attached. ..
Hardly read but tanned, partly due to a little sun exposure along the edges ..
Hardly read, main flaw is it's creamy in general with some edge tanning ..
front is nice, faint smudging on back ..
A PGX 8.0 that I removed from it's case, label is included, see pic 3.  Nice glossy book, I dro..
Daredevil   36  VG- Out Of Stock
scans added, well read copy with minor staining, still fairly white though   ..
JA Collection, some light surface wear on this one, complete & attached. ..
Couple 2 inch bends near top edge, complete & attached ..
Main issue is edge tanning, only notable physical wear is a crescent crease on the right edge ..
JA Collection.  Borderline VF, minor corner wear but it's mostly on back, complete & attach..
Hardly read but minor foxing on top edge ..
1/4 inch tear on bottom edge, slight stacking curl ..
Mostly just some dirtiness that sticks out on the white cover ..
minor wear around the edges, slightly crooked chop, fairly white ..
minor edge wear, slightly crooked chop ..
scans added, minor wear around the edges ..
some light wear on back, pages are creamy ..
Chop is a little crooked but it's in excellent shape ..
scans added, minor bends, spot stain on back ..
general handling wear, some creasing ..
minor spine & surface wear ..
1st Stick, couple inch crease on back ..
spine stress the main flaw ..
minor wear around the edges, faint stacking indentation bottom edge ..
Minor wear on the right edge where the cover overhangs, 1st Typhoid Mary ..