Includes Fearless Defenders

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Valkryie is reborn, also the issue where the Black Knight is turned to stone.  Book is chopped ..
pics added, not that bad but the cover is detached at the upper staple ..
scans added.  Centerfold is detached & some sneaky devil managed to re-attach it with tape,..
little dirty, some creasing along the right edge ..
little bit of spine wear but that's pretty much it ..
scans added, most of the wear is on back ..
scans added, some creasing, minor w/d in bottom right corner, first Wrecking Crew ..
moderate creasing & handling wear, first Wrecking Crew ..
scans added, first full wrecking crew ..
solid book but has 4 sets of staple holes around the edges, was probably on someone's wall ..
pea sized spot stain on back ..