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1st of 2 issues put out by Dell, tired but no serious defects ..
partial spine split, cover detached, 10 cent edition ..
This has comic art on the back instead of an ad, main flaw is creasing ..
main flaw is some writing in the puzzles ..
scans added, pretty solid shape but with several small tears ..
pics added, cover is detached, insides are complete ..
creasing the main flaw, everything complete & attached ..
well read with some spine roll but no serious defects ..
scans added, pretty solid shape, few scrape marks on back ..
scans added, heavily read but no serious defects ..
See scans, missing a corner chunk but I didn't drop it to FR because it's otherwise not too bad and ..
See scans, missing a corner chunk but can still be read normally ..
Staining along bottom edge, all pages affected, but otherwise not too bad ..
scans added, dirty with lots of creasing but it's all there & attached, Toth art ..
This is the rarer version with story on back instead of ad, fairly nice shape except for a bundle ma..
Four Color 1213  VG- Out Of Stock
creasing & general reading wear ..
sub fold, cover detached one staple ..
sun exposure along right edge ..
solid but a full length crease ..
scans added, foxing on back edges ..
Heavily taped, including all along spine, can be read normally though. ..
Heavily taped, including all along spine, but can be read normally ..
fairly bad spine roll, small chunk out on front but otherwise all there & attached ..
Well read but the only serious defect is a detached center ..
spine is tired & about half split, insides all there ..
scans added, chunk out on front, center is detached ..