signed books + double covers

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signed by Jim Shooter on splash page ..
some light surface wear, signed by the creator, see pic 3 ..
see label for details, signed by Sim on pg 1, case is unopened & in excellent shape ..
first print, 12.95 cover, collects DD 169-172 and 180, main flaw is surface wear.  Signed "To C..
scans added, light impact of base of spine.  2326 of 5000, comes with certificate. ..
pic added, signed by Doug Hazelwood on front ..
pic added, signed by Doug Hazelwood on front ..
Rare & unusual item, all known copies were taped to the outside of Wheaties boxes so tape residu..
pics added, has a quickie "GJ" signature on front, some light spine wear ..
signed by contributing artists Barnett & Justiniano, comes with certificate ..
pic added, gold foil edition signed by the artist.  only flaw of note is some light surface wea..
Pics added, signed by Peter David & Rick Leonardi, 389 of 500.  It's not in a sealed packag..
pics added, corner impact lower right, signed by Eastman on interior ..
pic added, outer cover is VF-, inner cover is VFNM.  Says direct edition on the front but this ..
scans added, signed on front by artist Darick Robertson, unfortunately it's pretty tired with creasi..
Close to new condition, hard to read the writing but my guess is it's signed by the cover artist and..
Signed by Jae Lee, 3765 out of 10,000, comes with certificate. ..
signed in silver ink by artist Jeff Johnson on front ..
signed in silver ink by artists Robertson and Johnson on front ..
pics added, signed by writer Fabian Nicieza, must have been set on top of another signed book becaus..