signed books + double covers

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Magazine size, reprints strips from the 1930's.  Signed on pg 1 "to Christopher Smith" by Dave ..
DF 59 of 2500, signed by Tom Palmer, comes in original holder with certificate ..
Signed & numbered by both Kuberts on inside front cover, 4931 of 5000, see pic 2.  Appears ..
see label for details, signed by Sim on pg 1, case is unopened & in excellent shape ..
pic added, signed by Doug Hazelwood on front ..
pic added, signed by Doug Hazelwood on front ..
Limited edition, hardly read but some light surface wear.  Signed by Michael Thibodeaux 2970/35..
Back cover (Ghost Rider) signed by inker Bud LaRosa in silver ink ..
signed by Chris Claremont on page 1, small spot stain on front cover ..
signed by Byrne in white area of front cover, also signed by colorist Matt Webb on pg 1 ..
pic added, gold foil edition signed by the artist.  only flaw of note is some light surface wea..
scans added, signed on front in silver ink although it's "to Mark", smudge on back drops it to FVF ..
Close to new condition, hard to read the writing but my guess is it's signed by the cover artist and..
signed in silver ink by artist Jeff Johnson on front ..
signed in silver ink by artists Robertson and Johnson on front ..
signed "To Pau" on front by writer Beau Smith ..