Treasuries + oversized

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pics added, back cover is in rough shape ..
Pics added, pardon the flash reflection.  Banged a bit on the bottom edge, also 2.00 written in..
pics added, has foxing near the base of the spine, also page 1 has a screwy chop & was folded, s..
pics added, creasing the main flaw ..
Nice shape with only minor wear, small 3.00 in pencil in the upper left corner of the back cover. ..
pics added, dirty but otherwise has no serious defects ..
Almost no reading wear, main problem is a tanning halo on the inside of the cover, most notably on t..
Something was set on the back cover & left an indentation, also a little creasing on the top rig..
pics added, dirty, couple small tears ..
pics added, a well read copy but no major defects ..
some creasing & general wear but nothing serious ..
Pics added, pardon the flash.  Some tanning & faint foxing & minor staining, still in s..
has a few reading creases & some light foxing ..
price in pencil in upper left corner of back cover, other minor wear ..
From 1976, pics added, lightly tanned on the edges ..
From 1978, minor wear but no notable defects.  New 64 pg story, wedding of Lightning Lad and Sa..
Treasury sized, didn't even know this existed.  Light surface wear on front but otherwise prett..