Green Lantern (1960 series)

name changes to Green Lantern Corps starting with issue 201

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Staples added along spine, staining along right edge, 4 inch tear at base of spine ..
well read with creasing & a couple small chunks out on front ..
staples added along spine, tape residue around staples ..
physically solid, significant scribble on back cover, see scans ..
creasing, some spot staining on the front cover around the logo ..
Pretty heavily read with some scuffing in the middle of the front cover but no serious defects ..
well read but no major defects ..
scans added, cover detached at top staple, otherwise VG+ ..
more like a qualified FN, cover is detached at the lower staple ..
nothing too notable just tanning & general wear, first Aerialist ..
accumulation of minor wear around the edges, few fingerprints on back, nice white cover but insides ..
well read but no major defects ..
light foxing on top edge of back cover ..
Some minor bundle marks on the edges ..
front is fairly nice, some fingerprint smudges on back ..
few smudges & a bit of edge wear but pushing FVF ..
scans added, light subscription fold ..
Green Lantern   61 FN Out Of Stock
a bit tanned & a few fingerprint smudges, golden age GL ..
center is detached, wouldn't grade much higher anyway ..
Green Lantern   64 VGF Out Of Stock
scans added, main defect is tanning, not much reading wear ..
several small creases, 1 inch tear on an interior page ..
scans added, not much reading wear but some bundle marks on the edges & creamy in general ..
bundle marks, accumulation of minor creases ..
Green Lantern   73 VG+ Out Of Stock
tanning & general wear ..
Green Lantern   81  VG Out Of Stock
well read but still solid, bundle marks on the edges ..
Green Lantern   82 VGF Out Of Stock
minimal reading wear but creamy in general & a white cover doesn't help ..
Nice white book but some minor wear around the edges & a spot stain smaller than a pea ..
cover detached at lower staple, otherwise not too bad ..
Green Lantern   89  FN Out Of Stock
Some minor wear around the edges & a bit creamy in general ..
dime sized spot stain on front ..
center is detached, otherwise VG+ ..
scans added, minor edge bends ..