Green Lantern (1960 series)

name changes to Green Lantern Corps starting with issue 201

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heavy reading wear but complete & attached ..
Pretty heavily read with some scuffing in the middle of the front cover but no serious defects ..
scans added, back cover has significant water damage but the rest of the book isn't too bad ..
more like a qualified FN, cover is detached at the lower staple ..
Scans added, front is fairly attractive, has some staining in the lower left corner of the back cove..
scans added, center is detached, first Evil Star ..
light foxing on top edge of back cover ..
Some minor bundle marks on the edges ..
scans added, tired & tanned but insides all there & attached ..
Front is nice, back has a large corner stain that affects a couple interior pages as well. ..
front is fairly nice, some fingerprint smudges on back ..
center is detached, wouldn't grade much higher anyway ..
Scans added, cover detatched top staple, otherwise a low FN. ..
cover detached top staple, wouldn't grade higher anyway ..
Scans added, cover is detached at lower staple but is otherwise nicer than the grade would indicate ..
scans added, foxing on back cover, cover is also very tender at the lower staple ..
bundle marks, accumulation of minor creases ..
well read but still solid, bundle marks on the edges ..
Some minor wear around the edges & a bit creamy in general ..
accumulation of minor creasing ..