Incredible Hulk (1968 series)

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white line above the bottom staple is not a tear, insides are white ..
Incredible Hulk  109  FN Out Of Stock
4 inch edge crease on back, front is fairly nice though & not much tanning ..
Not much physical wear, cover is a bit faded with some loss of gloss, some interior edge tanning. ..
Pics added.  Nice book but there's a bunch of red ink on the back, almost certainly a print mis..
Centerfold is detached at one staple but otherwise nice shape so I gave it a qualified grade.  ..
minimal reading wear but some sun exposure & tanning ..
Tired but the main problem is a roughly 1x2 inch corner chunk missing on the back cover.  Story..
scans added, creasing & general wear ..
subscription fold, some staining along top edge ..
Cover detached one staple, fairly bad spine roll, some light staining ..
scans added, creasing & foxing but everything is complete & attached ..
Fairly well read with no serious defects & not much tanning, however name and address are filled..
Has a full length fold toward the left side of the book, probable subscription copy. ..
small stain on left edge of back cover ..
Pics added, heavy reading wear, foxing, all there though. ..
nice white book with minor staple rust ..
scans added, a well read copy but no serious defects & not much tanning ..
was on the bottom of a bundle ..
nice book just has a couple inch edge crease on back ..
minor creasing, slightly dirty on back ..
mostly just dirty, 3/4 inch spine split ..
amateur trimming on the right edge but it's a good reader copy ..
Light tanning with a little foxing, also minor creasing & a small smudge on back ..
pics added, would grade slightly higher but the cover is detached at the lower staple, also somewhat..
Would be closer to FN but has a corner chunk out on an interior page, see pic 3. ..
minimal reading wear but some light tanning ..
Scans added, not bad at first glance but has a faint stain ring around the edges, I'm guessing this ..
front is fairly nice, crease & ink transfer on back ..
JA Collection.  Light tanning, couple thin creases along the right edge.  Havok, Polaris &..
Very nice book but a bit creamy ..
scans added, some foxing, faint bend on back ..
4 inch spine split, otherwise decent ..
Incredible Hulk  152  VGF Out Of Stock
pics added, creasing along right edge ..
stacking indentation along spine edge, light tanning ..
nice at first glance but some faint splatter marks on front ..
scans added, name written in crayon on front ..
Main flaws are distribution flaws, bundle marks on top & bottom edge, arrival date in pencil ..
Scans added, tape pull on front, faint fold on back. ..
has a few tracing imprints on front ..
scans added, some very faint staining along bottom edge of front cover ..
Has a 1/2 inch bend & a faint fingerprint sized smudge, both in the upper right corner of the fr..
center is detached at one staple but otherwise not too bad ..
scans added, thin crease bottom edge ..
few light bends along right edge, light foxing on back ..
Pics added, cover is tender at both staples, also some foxing. ..
scans added, Warlock storyline begins ..