Iron Man (1968 series)

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Main flaws are a little bit of spine & edge wear, almost looks like a tear by the lower staple b..
Faint partial subscription fold, other minor creasing & general wear, first Controller ..
pushing FVF, several small bends ..
Only notable flaw on this is surface dirtiness, otherwise pretty much white inside & out. ..
Would be closer to FN but the center is detached at one staple. ..
Scans added, front isn't too bad but you can tell from the back cover this was on the bottom of a bu..
Faint sub fold, some creasing & foxing on back.  First Eddie March (who briefly becomes Iro..
Back cover has a 6 inch crease & minor staining on the bottom edge (possibly just yellow distrib..
accumulation of minor creasing ..
top edge has light wear & minor smudging on back ..
accumulation of minor wear around the edges ..
wear on the spine & the top edge of the back cover ..
strong 6.5 pushing 7, accumulation of minor wear ..
scans added, front is fairly nice, minor smudging & staining on back, somewhat creamy ..
Nice shape but some tanning knocks the price down a bit. ..
some faint stacking indentations on back, might CGC a tick higher ..
minor staining in lower left corner of back cover ..
strong 6.5, creasing in the bottom right is a little more than I like to allow in FVF. ..
little bit of a sub fold, 1 inch tear on an interior ad page, minor tape residue ..
Faint 2 inch crease on right edge, off-white in general ..
scans added, big corner crease on back ..
Obvious warehouse book, close to unread but has an overdose of distributor spray around the bottom e..
some light bends the main flaw ..
1/4 inch staple tear on back, nice & white though ..
scans added, partial reading crease ..
scans added, some hard spine stress ..
scans added, back cover has a faint cup ring & some foxing ..
value stamp is missing, story not affected ..