Justice League of America (1960)

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Cover detached, staples added to keep it in place.  2+ inch tear on back, affects 1 page as wel..
Would be GD+ but an interior corner is torn off, affects part of a story page, see pic 3 ..
2 extra staples added to re-attach cover, also has tape residue & a big spot stain, insides all ..
cover has been re-attached with 2 extra staples, insides all there ..
Heavy wear and creasing but nothing severe enough to drop it under GD.  Cover is tender but att..
added a quick pic, cover is completely split and fragile, chunks out around the edges, insides are b..
Some creasing & smudging but an overall solid copy   ..
has a bunch of faint & tiny splatter marks on the upper portion of the front cover ..
Justice League of America   22  GVG Out Of Stock
Heavily read but no major defects although center is detached at one staple. ..
creasing the main flaw, some edge tanning ..
scans added, fairly tired with some black marker on front ..
scans added, someone added 2 staples along spine although doesn't appear they were needed ..
Justice League of America   28  GVG Out Of Stock
scans added, couple 1 inch tears on bottom edge of back cover ..
creasing the main flaw, not much tanning ..
More like a GVG except the center is detached. ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw, center detached one staple ..
creasing the main flaw, some edge tanning, joker appearance ..
has a few fingerprint smudges & creases, spine is in nice shape ..
Justice League of America   42  GD+ Out Of Stock
Scans added, cover detached at lower staple, 2 staples added along spine, also a sub fold. ..
scans added, first silver age Sandman ..
Front is nice, back is a bit dirty, inside pages are creamy ..
scans added, somewhat dirty, front cover has a series of creases along the right edge, possibly caus..
scans added, sub fold but otherwise not too bad ..
subscription fold but front cover is still attractive with minimal color broken ..
Has 3 coupons clipped, story is still complete but ads were on the bottom 1/3 of story pages so at f..
missing pieces along bottom edge but insides all there ..
Justice League of America   68  FN- Out Of Stock
scans added, most of the wear is on back ..
just somewhat tired & dirty in general, Wonder Woman quits ..
Has a little bit of a subscription fold, JSA crossover starts ..
scans added, full length bend on back ..
Front cover almost completely separated from spine, held with tape ..
Has a couple fingerprint smudges on front but is otherwise in nice shape ..
fairly nice except for a 1 inch split at the base of the spine ..
scans added, fairly nice shape except for a tape pull on front ..
really nice shape for an old giant, minor wear on left edge of back cover where it overhangs slightl..
scans added, faint impact at base of spine ..
slight sun on bottom edge of back cover ..