Marvel Spotlight (1971)

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faint pea-sized spot stain in the upper left corner of the back cover, faint impact in same corner ..
This one's a bit funky, it has what I believe are a couple long printer's creases, one coming down f..
Some minor wear but nothing notable, note the date stamp on back (in case you don't like them). ..
Couple light bends along the left edge of the back cover, also light edge tanning, complete & at..
Banged a bit at the top of the spine, minor wear on the lower right edges, pea sized stain that only..
Only notable flaw is it got banged a bit at the top of the spine, also stapled slightly crooked, fai..
Main flaw is an impact at the top of the spine ..
has a sub fold but front cover is still in pretty good shape with not much color broken ..