Marvel Team Up

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This is the 2006 edition, collects issues 1-24.  Probably unread but has an impact in one corne..
scans added, main flaw is a 2.5 inch crease on a back corner ..
Scans added, high grade copy except there are a couple small tears on the back edge, almost look lik..
Strong 7, 1+ inch bend on the top edge of the back cover but not much else aside from a couple print..
front isn't bad, couple small to mid-size bends on back ..
Couple small to mid-size bends on back, slightly nicer than my other copy in this grade but the chop..
Pretty easy 7, most of the wear is on the back. ..
scans added, has a couple light stacking indentations ..
notable Mary Jane appearance in this one ..
scans added, first Mockingbird ..
lots of small dents on front ..