Our Army at War + Sgt Rock

becomes Sgt Rock starting with issue 302

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spine is completely split & held together with tape, insides are complete except for the upper r..
pics added, big chunk out on back, story is complete ..
Pics added.  Water damage, mostly on front, spine is a little rough near the bottom. ..
pics added, tape along part of the spine ..
spine splits the main flaw, insides are complete ..
Nearly 2 inch tear bottom right, creasing & minor tape ..
some w/d on top portion of front cover, little on the bottom, rest of the book not too bad ..
bad foxing on back but rest of the book isn't too bad ..
pics added, major staining around 3 edges ..
tired & fragile but it's essentially all there & attached ..
tired copy but it's basically all there & can be read normally although cover is tender at the s..
Couple inches worth of spine splits, cover is tenderly attached at both staples. ..
rough shape, big tear in the middle, insides are all there ..
3 inches worth of spine splits ..
some minor staining around the edges but overall pretty solid ..
tear on left edge of back cover, cover is tender at upper staple ..
lots of creasing but it's still held together pretty solidly & is all there ..
Essentially all there but fragile ..
very tired, part of an ad page missing, story all there ..
creasing & foxing, was mfg with one staple ..
stock image, spine is almost completely split, a couple interior story panels have been clipped out ..
cover completely split & detached, 2 interior pages are xerox copies although main story unaffec..
Has puncture marks on back that affect all pages ..
heavy wear, cover is completely split & detached, insides are complete ..
scans added, significant staining but it's complete & attached ..
Scans added, thoroughly water damaged but it's complete & readable ..
cover is detached, 3-4 inches of combined spine split, insides complete ..
staining, small chunks out, insides complete ..
lots of creasing but complete & attached, early Sgt Rock ..
pushing GVG, has a nearly 2 inch tear on back, partial origin Sgt Rock ..
well read copy but pushing GVG, cover detached at lower staple ..
Spine is completely split but the book is held together with tape & can be read fairly normally...
a little tired but no serious defects ..
Fragile with a few small chunks out, partial origin Sgt Rock ..
Cover is detached at lower staple, small tape pull on back, otherwise not bad ..
5 inch spine split that affects the cover & 1st wrap ..
spine is almost 2/3 split, cover still attached at one staple & insides complete ..
scans added, water damaged, mostly on back ..
water damaged, mostly on back, also spine roll ..
1 inch split at the top & bottom of the spine ..
pretty close to new, bagged & boarded ..