Silver Surfer

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High grade except for a pea sized spot stain on back ..
simply bagged & boarded, no original holder or certificate ..
JA Collection.  Attractive book, only flaw of note is it got banged a bit at the bottom of the ..
scans added, staining along right edge ..
JA Collection.  Nice book that has a 1/2 inch split at the base of the spine. ..
accumulation of minor edge wear including a little foxing, dirty on back ..
Scans added, has a bunch of creases & a few stains around the edges. ..
scans added, mix of foxing, staining and creasing ..
JC Penney issue with Spidey's 30th anniversary in UPC box, no UK price ..
At this point it's almost impossible to find these issues without wavy edges (due to cheap paper). ..
Stan Lee with Moebius on this one, VF and FVF, bagged & boarded. ..