Thor (1966)

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Thor  129  VG Out Of Stock
Looks like some coffee stains, partial cup ring near the spine & affects the back some too. ..
main flaws are sun/tanning and creasing ..
creamy in general, corner impact bottom right ..
Thor  138 FN Out Of Stock
Hardly read, only notable defect is tanning ..
Thor  139  FN Out Of Stock
Hardly read, only notable defect is tanning ..
scans added, red pen mark on front, erased stamp or pencil mark on front, book is creamy, 1st growin..
scans added, minor staining ..
Would be GD+ with heavy creasing but an ad page has been clipped out ..
Thor  146  FVF Out Of Stock
Hardly read & fairly white, some minor smudging & sun exposure.  Origin of the Inhumans..
scans added, spine roll & creasing, last part of Inhumans backup series. ..
accumulation of minor creasing ..
hardly read, minor creasing, minor foxing on back ..
still in solid readable shape with creasing & smudging (probably chocolate) ..
JA Collection.  Nice book with some minor edge wear, sun exposure and tanning. ..
staining on bottom edge but still a good reader ..
Scans added, slightly better than a VG+ but with some tanning ..
scans added, 1 inch tear at the top of the spine ..
just a well read copy with some surface wear & creasing ..
only notable flaw is a bunch of small dents around the bottom of the THOR logo ..
minor creasing on back ..
scans added, faint store stamp on front, otherwise not too bad ..
front is fairly nice, light foxing on back ..
Heavily read with creasing & writing on several pages (mostly coupons filled in) ..
scans added, bends/creasing the main flaw ..
totally beat up copy but it's all there & readable ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw ..
Thor  185  GVG Out Of Stock
pics added, back corner stain ..
Thor  186  VG- Out Of Stock
pics added, pretty solid reader but quite tanned ..
Thor  188  GVG Out Of Stock
heavily read, fair amount of creasing ..
Thor  190  VG Out Of Stock
Main defect is a print flaw, 2 interior pages have oversized corners & are folded in to keep fro..
Scans added, couple quarter sized stains on this & some creasing, top & bottom edge of the s..
Thor  194  VG- Out Of Stock
some interior writing, mostly on the Marvel Checklist (ad page) ..
JA Collection, light foxing + ink transfer but not much reading wear, first Ego Prime ..
Thor  204  GD Out Of Stock
cover is detached but otherwise not bad ..
Thor  231  FVF  (no stamp) Out Of Stock
No Marvel Value stamp, story not affected, otherwise fairly nice shape. ..
cover detached one staple ..