Tales To Astonish

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pics added, can read more about it at MyComicShop, mostly an index of all Hulk issues (including mag..
Very tired with pretty bad staining in one corner, story is all there though ..
Lots of general wear but almost went GVG ..
Tales To Astonish  67  VG+ Out Of Stock
partial subscription fold ..
Scans added, water damage on bottom edge of back cover ..
scans added, center is detached at one staple ..
scans added, light staining along top edge, chewed up right edge ..
Printed with 2 sets of staples & they still got it crooked, also some creasing on back. ..
readable with difficulty, has a bunch of razor slices ..
scans added, back corner was folded under, edges are tanned ..
some faint splatter marks on front ..
scans added, some faint smudging on back ..
creasing on front, staining on back ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw ..
nice book, minor creasing + light tanning ..
scans added, some creasing, mostly on back, but a solid copy ..
few small bends around the edges ..
some faint staining upper right corner, not very obvious though ..
scans added, faint sub fold, not much tanning ..
subscription fold but otherwise not too bad ..
Subscription fold but otherwise not too bad ..
subscription fold but otherwise fairly solid ..