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not bad except for some corner staining ..
lots of tape repair, missing centerfold, affects backup story, would only be FR even with centerfold..
issue 2 didn't come out until 1969, creasing, some staining on back ..
Avon one-shot, creasing & staining, insides complete ..
Scans added, only issue with this title, 1-8 were Kit Carson.  Staining bottom edge, creasing t..
cover is detached, pretty tired & wouldn't grade much higher anyway ..
some sun exposure contributes to some tanning ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw ..
scans added, creasing, tanning, minor tears right edge ..
scans added, creasing the main flaw along with a 2.5 inch tear on an interior page ..
Can't find this listed anywhere but it's a 64 page 1950's British western, no date on the interior. ..
scans added, foxing on back edges ..
from 1949, some edge foxing but overall pretty solid ..
pic added, has long tear down most of the length of the front cover ..
light foxing along right edge ..
pics added, was manufactured with one staple ..
several missing chunks on cover ..
scans added, writing the main flaw ..
cover is barely attached at the lower staple, also has a little staining at the top of the spine ..
scans added, creasing but otherwise not too bad ..
sun exposure on back left edge, 1/4 inch tear on top edge of front cover ..
center & cover detached, stapled back together so a decent reader ..
scans added, couple small tears & fairly bad spine roll, still fairly solid though, everything i..
stock photo.  Not in too rough a shape but there a small chunk out on a front corner, center is..
Would be a VG+ with some creasing, however someone took a pencil & added to the artwork on front..
Cover is clinging at upper staple, also has a 1/2 inch tear on the right edge, a strip of ..
Weird Western Tales  27  VG Out Of Stock
nice at first glance but some faint w/d along bottom edge ..
close to unread & pretty much white ..
Weird Western Tales  32  FN Out Of Stock
scans added, faint corner crease on back, mild overdose of distributor spray top edge. ..
Weird Western Tales  33  FN+ Out Of Stock
scans added, creasing lower right ..
center is detached at one staple, first issue under new title ..
near full subscription fold, otherwise not too bad ..
some creasing, small gash on spine edge just below the bottom staple ..
reading crease, 1/2 inch tear at upper staple, little bit of a stacking curl ..
scans added, creasing on front & staining on back, complete & attached ..
1951 Avon one-shot, has a small chunk out at the top of the spine to go with 2.5 inches of spine spl..
Put out by Avon in 1952.  Has a little bit of tape on the inside of the cover, looks like it's ..