Westerns - Marvel

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stock image, complete & attached just tired ..
JA Collection, scans added.  Minimal reading wear but some tanning. ..
scans added, one big faint corner crease on front, also some tanning ..
scans added, some tanning with a little foxing mixed in, hardly any reading wear though ..
scans added, tanning with a little foxing mixed in, only minimal reading wear ..
scans added, hardly read but some foxing around the edges, mostly on back ..
scans added, nice book but some fairly bad foxing on front ..
pics added, JA Collection, creasing & tanning ..
scans added, JA Collection, more like a 6.5 with tanning & a little foxing mixed in ..
scans added, JA Collection, tanned edges, few light bends ..
JA Collection, take away the sun & tanning and it would be a 9.0 ..
scans added, JA Collection, main flaw is tanning but also has a small gash near the bottom edge of t..
pics added, fairly bad foxing near the right edge of the front cover & the bottom edge of the ba..
pics added, JA Collection, foxing & minor staining, mostly on the bottom portion of the front co..
scans added, JA Collection.  couple inch crease on back, some tanning, front is nice though. ..
JA Collection.  Light tanning & trace foxing but one of the nicest books in this run. ..
JA Collection.  Take away the sun & tanning & it's an 8.5. ..
scans added, JA Collection ..
scans added, JA Collection.  Some staple rust, 1/2 inch tear on 2 interior pages (probable prin..
JA Collection, mild creasing & tanning ..
tanning & foxing, cover is faded ..
Marvel Max series, FVF to VF, will come bagged. ..
right around VF, bagged & boarded ..
scans added, JA Collection.  Minor creasing & some tanning. ..
Scans added, JA Collection.  Sun along the right edge with minor foxing mixed in. ..
Scans added, JA Collection.  Hardly read, more like a 7 with some tanning. ..
Scans added, JA Collection.  Nice book, few small bends & some tanning. ..
solid shape but an overdose of distributor spray ..